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Bogey Sport was launched with a vision of reshaping the dynamics of sports, fitness, health, and wellness. Despite its huge population and decorating capabilities, India has been known to be lagging in the mentioned fields. Acknowledging this latent potential, entrepreneurs Jitendra Singh Rialch and Arshpreet Kaur launched their company Two Zero Twenty Sports Management and its various subsidiaries to bring about a revolutionary experiential change in Sports, Fitness, Health & Wellness.

Backstory : Bogey Sports Shopping is not just a brand, it is a movement to foster the Health, Fitness, and Wellness revolution in India. They want to provide you with means to explore, try and adapt niche sports, personalized wellness, mainstream fitness, and health practices. With a wide range of brands from popular international to specialist ventures, they currently provide you the best possible sporting, fitness, health, and wellness experience. Bogey Sports Shopping is a health, fitness, sports, and wellness movement, 'Made in India, for India'!

About the Founders: Bogey Sports Shopping owes its success to the dynamic vision and leadership of the co-founders Mr. Jitendra Singh Rialch and Mrs. Arshpreet Kaur. They wanted not to create a brand but a revolutionizing movement to develop a sporting and fitness culture in India. Mr. Jitendra Singh Rialch brings onboard his expertise in the field of management and HR. He held the prestigious titles of Associate Director HR- ISB and HR Advisor to Abu Dhabi Govt. He gathered valuable acumen from both these organizations and built a strong base for Bogey Sports Shopping. The second pillar of Bogey, Mrs. Arshpreet Kaur brings on board her experience from the banking industry and has made great strides in the banking sector by being a Vice President at Yes Bank. She has been one of the few female Vice Presidents in the banking industry.

Vision : To make India a leader in Sports and Fitness and to help India achieve the status of a leading Sporting Nation by increasing accessibility and penetration. "We want to create value and make a difference by enhancing your sporting experience by strengthening the sporting ecosystem and culture and create a level playing field in the industry." - Mr. Jitendra Singh Rialch, Founder & Arshpreet Kaur, Co-Founder Bogey Sports and TwoZero Twenty Sports Management LLP

Something for everyone: There are three equally unique initiatives under the umbrella of Bogey Sports. A one of a kind online sports, fitness, and wellness marketplace Bogey Sports Shopping, A wide range of healthy and nutritious ready-to-eat snacks Bogey Bites and Digital Golfing Platform Bogey Sports App.


Bogey Sports Shopping: India has always been a sporting nation but with only a few popular sports. Bogey Sports Shopping was started with a vision to make all kinds of sports, fitness, and wellness arenas equally accessible, equally available, and easy to adapt! It is an e-commerce platform with the products, equipment, gears, and clothing accessories of the finest manufacture and leading, trustworthy brands.

Bogey Bites: With a vision to foster healthy eating habits, Bogey Bites was conceptualized as a brand that offers delicious and healthy ready-to-eat snacks that fit right into an active lifestyle. The range includes breakfast cereals, energy bars, energy bites, Punjab de ladoo energy balls, gluten-free cakes and cookies, healthy paneer, etc. All of the products are available in different flavors and nutrient combos to match different kinds of daily requirements and lifestyle needs.

Bogey Sports Digital Golfing Platform: Bogey Sport is a digital golfing platform that aims to help better connect golfers, coaches, caddies, golf courses, associations, tour operators, and other stakeholders. Golfers can track their progress, scores, and data via the app. Golfers can book tours, tournaments, caddies, trainers, and instructors via the app conveniently. Beginners and enthusiasts can avail themselves of the services of coaches, trainers, yoga instructors, dieticians, therapists, and many more specialists via the user-friendly interface of the platform. Users can leave a review and book only the best-rated service providers.

Events and Initiatives: During the lockdown, Bogey Sport launched the “Walking with You” Initiative to provide aid to the affected caddies in Chandigarh and Panchkula Golf Associations who lost their livelihoods due to Covid. About 500 grocery kits were distributed as a part of this initiative. In the month of January 2021, Bogey Sport Organized a Basketball Tournament in association with VAELS International School in Chennai. The event was a huge success as the lockdown was opening and garnered huge participation from enthusiastic players.

Eye on the future: Bogey Sport is indeed leading the industry by example and plans to take the international markets by storm during the fiscal year 2021-22. With an aim to launch Bogey Sport’s own range of Athleisure and Cricket Gear with the launch of Cricket Tennis Balls in the first half of 2021, the prospects are indeed promising. A junior golf program of international acclaim shall also be launched with roots in UAE and India. Special initiatives to promote Indian artists and Indian talents have also been undertaken and all these endeavors are being inculcated in the various Bogey verticals to give them a better platform and visibility.

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Golf Club helps caddies with ration, money

Bogey Sport has curated 'Walking With You' initiative through crowd funding for struggling caddies